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North East Multicultural Association (NEMA) was established in February 2005 as the first ethnic community council in North East Victoria, with a vision to support existing and new migrants, raise cultural awareness, and promote the benefits of diversity. NEMA acknowledges the economic, cultural and social contribution migrants made to the region, and recognises the importance of cultural heritage through celebrations such as Harmony Day and the Diwali festival.

The office at 3 The Close in Wangaratta is a place for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community members to meet to access information, resources, or participate in a class. NEMA offers craft classes, and also free basic IT tuition and English as a Second Language instruction.

From humble beginnings, NEMA has developed into an organisation with a strategic vision for the future and an awareness of the changing nature of multicultural issues. This site is a vital resource linking NEMA to the CALD communities in North East Victoria and also to the wider Australian multicultural society.

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The Voice of Multiculturalism
in North East Victoria

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