NEMA Business Streams

Having advocated for multiculturalism since 2005, NEMA and its staff are well versed in multicultural issues and in promoting cultural diversity. Through our business streams, NEMA offers workshops and training packages for your organisation to become more 'culturally competent'.

Currently, NEMA offers the following training packages:

This is a comprehensive 3 hour workshop that provides participants with an overview about:

  • What is cultural diversity?
  • Breaking down diversity statistics and exploring the changing patterns in migration
  • Understanding why cultural diversity is important
  • Understanding why promoting cultural diversity in your workplace is important
  • Completing a reflection activity that enables staff to see various issues through the eyes of a CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) client or co-worker
  • Understanding barriers that prevent us from embracing cultural diversity
  • Exploring how these barriers can be overcome
  • A reflection activity on how you or your workplace could better promote cultural diversity

This is a two hour follow up workshop to our Understanding and Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Workplace session. It provides participants with an overview about:

  • Further exploring cultural diversity and why it is important
  • Understanding and exploring the diversity that exists within diversity
  • Completing a comparison activity to better understand diversity within diversity
  • Workshopping some common concerns about working with culturally diverse clients
  • Exploring strategies to effectively engage with culturally diverse clients


For more information about NEMA's training sessions, or to obtain a competitive quote for a group/staff booking, please contact the NEMA office via phone: (03) 5721 2090 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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