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Funded by the Department of Health, now the Department of Social Services, from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2015, the North East Multicultural Aged Care Connections Project (NEMACC) worked within the Victorian local government areas of Alpine, Indigo, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield.

NEMACC enabled Elderly Australian Migrants to continue to lead active and healthy lives, where possible in their own homes, for longer by improving access to information and aged care services. A priority of our work was to enhance the capacity of aged care service providers to assist people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, and to ensure that ageing migrants received the quality of care they require.

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Facilitated by the North East Multicultural Association, the Migrants Life Journey Reflections Project is a collaborative effort involving various people of the local community: NEMA employees; Storytellers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds across the NEMA catchment areas of Shire of Indigo, Shire of Mansfield, Shire of Wangaratta, Shire of Benalla and Shire of Alpine; dedicated volunteers; and Springboard Training Solutions Pty Ltd all contributed to the success of this project. The focus of this endeavour was to mark the importance of the cultural heritage for North East Victorians and to celebrate the significant contribution made by post-war migrants, on which local industries and communities have succeeded.

The post WWII period saw an influx of migrants into North East Victoria, who found work in areas such as the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme local manufacturing industries, private business, health and education professions, and setting up and working on farms - tobacco and livestock. These migrants contributed to the economy and helped to develop the culture of the North East as it is today.

We are proud to showcase the following 90+ short movie clips that have been arranged into 6 themes :

  • Making a Living
  • Family life
  • Food, Culture and Community Involvement
  • Schooling & Childhood Experiences
  • Recreational and sporting activities
  • Settling in the North East of Victoria

We feel that the project has resulted in a rich educational resource that is available to schools, educational and community facilities, families, friends and the general public.

Hume Partners in RecoveryNEMA, with funding from Hume Partners in Recovery, is undertaking a pilot project about engaging systemic change to optimise the mental health service sector in the Rural City of Wangaratta. The purpose of the project is to ensure that new migrants and existing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community members can be best assisted. The model is based on Recovery Orientated Practice - a precise way of aligning mental health needs to mental health outcomes. The project is funded until June 2016.

Victorian Multicultural CommissionOne of a suite of current projects funded by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), this project aims to connect new and recent migrants with their cultural counterparts, and to build social networks to reduce isolation and better connect migrants with the wider community. Activities under the project include: the development of welcome kits; social events; linking women with services; and promoting health, recreation, education, and employment opportunities.

VMCThis VMC grant will enable NEMA to work with our 5 shires (Alpine, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire Council, Mansfield Shire, and Rural City of Wangaratta) to coordinate and provide a number of multicultural activities and events. Transport would be provided to people who would usually be unable to attend the events due to geographical or social isolation.

Funded by the VMCNEMA, in conjunction with the region’s Hindu community, will be holding a Diwali festival in The Close on Sunday 15th November 2015 between 12 and 4pm. Diwali is known as the “Hindu festival of lights” (see: The event will comprise: Free children’s art activities and storytelling; Henna art; Traditional dance and music; Rangoli designs; Traditional shrine; Family picnic; prizes; Indian textiles stall; and food stalls by Hunger Valley and other businesses (to be confirmed). This project is also funded by the VMC.

Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provided funding for NEMA to work with the elderly in CALD communities in the King Valley region. These communities were thriving centres for people from multicultural backgrounds until the closure of the tobacco industry and the world glut of grapes which led to the closure of vineyards. With the accompanying downturn in service provision in the area as younger community members moved away, NEMA is aware of the increased isolation among the elderly remaining population and is organising a number of events to connect people socially and to services. A calendar of themed events and lunches with guest speakers is underway. Transport is being provided free of charge to the isolated elderly.

The Voice of Multiculturalism
in North East Victoria

  • Alpine Shire
  • Benalla Rural City
  • Indigo Shire
  • Mansfield Shire
  • Rural City of Wangaratta