NEMA Volunteers

NEMA prides itself on having a strong and dedicated volunteer base. NEMA wishes to acknowledge the ongoing generosity and contributions of our volunteers. It is their dedication, passion and support that will enable our organisation to thrive into the future. NEMA highly values the contributions of its volunteers and endeavours to provide them with as much support as possible.

Our volunteers support NEMA in any activities or projects that may be undertaken and we strive to match volunteers with tasks suitable to their skills and abilities. Volunteering with NEMA offers an opportunity to improve your skillset, increase your social activity, help the community and enhance your self-esteem. NEMA is flexible with volunteering arrangements - we understand that some people wish to volunteer a certain amount of hours per week, while others are content to volunteer on an 'as needed' basis.

Below are some testimonials from NEMA volunteers:

Lucie Van AkenHi, I am Lucie Van Aken and a long-time volunteer for NEMA and various other organisations.

Volunteering is not just unpaid work, but it can be very rewarding: volunteers can learn new skills, develop personal relationships and get a lot of satisfaction from their work. With volunteering at NEMA, you get the added benefit of meeting and appreciating different cultures. NEMA is also not age specific, which leads to greater variety and opportunities. In-house classes and workshops are also an extra benefit.

So please, consider the options and give volunteering with NEMA a try!

Riccardo BonatestaMy name is Riccardo Bonatesta; I became a NEMA volunteer in 2008 when my neighbour and friend asked me if I would like to help with the making of banners and feathers, I did and then continued to be part of NEMA as a Cultural Peer Facilitator (CPF). Being part of NEMA is a way of staying in touch with a wide range of people, helping in a number of activities, making friends and helping people of different cultural background. I am continuing now as a Cultural Advocate volunteer in a similar role as the previous CPF. I enjoy being part of NEMA as it gives me the opportunity to be socially active by helping other people. The rewards are mutual and I enjoy being part of this excellent organization.

Susan IngletonI have volunteered at NEMA for the last 12 months and have found so much fun and satisfaction in so doing. The Staff is an amazing group of people who enjoy their work and want to be at the office, to help each other as well as the CALD community and always make the volunteers feel welcome and appreciated.

The Volunteers are a wonderfully dedicated and skilled band of helpers who are prepared to ‘get in and help’ in a variety of ways. I have loved meeting the wonderful students who come to me for English Tutoring. In the last year I have had students from Laos, Thai, India, Iran, Turkey, Italy, China, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

I have enjoyed being part of the NEMA contribution to Carols by Candlelight, The Pop Up Park, Harmony Day,’ The Great Move’ and the resettlement into our new premises. I have especially appreciated the training and implementation of the Cultural Advocate programme.
We all have gifts and skills that we are able to share with others. It may be placing letters in envelopes, It may be as a handyman, it may be showing a neighbour that “Bring a plate” does not mean that you do need to bring a knife, a fork and a cup and that “your shout” does not mean speak up louder! Or it may be answering telephone, helping to organising social events or washing the coffee cups.

Become a Volunteer

Membership is required if you would like to become a volunteer. Please contact the NEMA office for more information via phone: (03) 5721 2090 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A police check (provided for by NEMA) and 100 points of ID will be required for volunteers. 


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